2018/2/6 9:36:34
Display-Touch Electronics Technology:common sense of industrial touch

Industrial touch screen is a widely used electronic products when peopelare dealing with business and searching information. DTouch will introduce some cautions in details.


1, The touch screen part in industrial is glass, the edge is sharp, so gloves and finger cots are needed during assembling.

2, The touch screen part in industrial is fragile glass, do not exert impulsive force on the screen.

3, The film of industrial touch screen is the touch side, that is, the front side; glass is non-touch side, the back of the product.

4,Do not pick up the touch screen by pinching the lead wire.

5, Do not bend the lead wire stiffener part.

6,No folds on lead wire, it must be inserted horizontally during assembling, inserted by folding at the root of stiffener is prohibited.

7,One piece in one time during picking, handle with care for avoiding making scratch on product surface by colliding with each other.

8,Please use soft cloth (deerskin)  to clean the industrial touch screen with petroleum ether on it.

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